Progress update on hardback, paperback & e-book versions of ‘Diamonds, Dynamos and Devils’

Sunday 9th July 2017

A lot has been happening since the last blog post, and real progress has been made on all fronts, so I thought it worth putting out an update.

Hardback Version
Crowdfunding pledges of £5,707 were made on Kickstarter, well in excess of the minimum £5,000 target, so the project is full steam ahead. Backers have been advised, the money has been taken from their accounts and postal addresses given. The Kickstarter money arrived in my account on Friday.

The formatted manuscript, plus the 24 chosen photographs, has been sent to the printers and their deposit has been paid. The slip cover has been finalised – thanks to my wife Nicki and publisher Mark Worrall for all their hard work in completing it. Apart from the index, which I cannot commence until the printers have completed their page formatting, the content is now finalised.

Paperback Version
The paperback version has been sent to Amazon, checked and accepted by them and will be on sale on their site from 6th October, price £14.95. The content will be the same as the hardback version, and the cover almost identical, but it will not have a slip cover, an index, or the photographs.

E-book version
The e-book version, with the same content as the paperback version, will also be published on 6th October. Pre-orders for the e-book can now be made now at . Price is just £2.99.

If you have any questions on the above, please contact me at

Just five days left to order a deluxe hardback copy of DD&D!

Thursday 15th June

With £5,440 pledged the deluxe hardback version of ‘Diamonds, Dynamos and Devils‘ which includes an index, 24 photographs and a slip cover, will definitely be produced.  This is obviously something I am very pleased about and I am very grateful to those who have backed the project.  The minimum target of £5,000 was reached a couple of weeks ago and as things stand, we will be ordering c210 books, plus whatever pledges are made before the campaign closes.

Anyone wanting to order a copy of that edition has just five days left to make a pledge.  After 20.00 next Tuesday (20th) no more orders for the hardback can be accepted so if you haven’t yet made a pledge but want a copy, don’t hang around.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter page.  Making a pledge is very simple, only three out of the 183 backers to date have struggled.

Money will be deducted from backers accounts soon after the campaign closes and I will email everybody asking for addresses to post the book and names to be included in the acknowledgements.

Mimimum Kickstarter target of £5,000 reached!

I’m very pleased to advise that the minimum crowdfunding target of £5,000 was reached this morning.  This means that the deluxe hardback version of ‘Diamonds, Dynamos and Devils’, with 24 photos and a slip cover, will definitely go ahead. Achieving the minimum target early means we can order the photos, confirm with the printer etc which should make the production process more straightforward between now and the autumn.

The campaign runs until Tuesday 20th June so there is still the opportunity to make a pledge if you haven’t done so already, here is the link :-

Thanks to everyone who has pledged, I really appreciate it.



Project update two weeks in – 89% of target achieved

As of this afternoon some £4,450 had been pledged for DD&D, which is 89% of the minimum target of £5,000 and very pleasing with 26 days of the campaign still to go.

The details of the launch event are nearly ready to announce, and it would be fair to say we have a couple of interesting guests.  More info in a couple of weeks.

Project update – final manuscript submitted and crowdfunding well underway

The crowdfunding campaign has been running for almost a week.  Last time I looked I had received £3,350 worth of pledges, or 67% of the target.  Thanks so much to all those who have pledged. In almost every case there is a burst of activity directly after a Kickstarter campaign opens followed by an inevitable slow-down, and this has happened here. Based on Kickstarter historic trend statistics, however, it looks reasonably good for me to achieve the £5,000 target by the closure date of 20th June.

I still need to raise a minimum of another £1,650, though, so if you haven’t pledged, there is no time like the present…. Remember, money is not deducted from your card until the campaign has closed and then only if the target is reached.  You can pledge here :- .  The Kickstarter process is surprisingly simple and it will only take you a few minutes to complete.

A couple of weeks ago Mark Worrall, the publisher, made a number of extremely helpful comments with regard to format, headings and, particularly, a couple of overly complex tables I had included as Appendices.  I have made the necessary amendments, severely slimmed down the aforementioned tables and this lunchtime sent it back as the final submitted manuscript – a significant project milestone.  The next step, manuscript wise, is that Mark typesets it into final page format (a significant task, given that the book has 141,000 words) so I can produce the index.