Update 24th April – pricing for crowdfunded hardback version and Happy Birthday Doc

First of all, a very happy birthday to Tommy Docherty, 89 years old today.  The interview with The Doc held on Easter Monday has now been transcribed (a labour intensive process if ever there was one….) and is currently being tidied up. Hopefully purchasers will find the topics covered, and the thoughts of The Doc, of interest. It would be fair to say he has probably mellowed over the past five decades, but probably not that much.  Still passionate, still opinionated and still in love with Chelsea Football Club.

To simplify the crowdfunding administration, and given that the pledges can only be made via the Kickstarter page, we have decided to simplify the price of pledges for the hardback version, which will now automatically include postage and packing.

The UK cost will be £25, the cost for European orders will be £30 and for the US and the Rest Of The World it will be £35.  These are the total price, with no add-ons.

The cost of ordering two copies will be £46 (UK), £56 (Europe) and £66 (US & Rest Of The World).  All these prices include p&p.

We are still on target to commence the crowdfunding campaign on Thursday 11th May.  More information nearer the time.



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