Project update – final manuscript submitted and crowdfunding well underway

The crowdfunding campaign has been running for almost a week.  Last time I looked I had received £3,350 worth of pledges, or 67% of the target.  Thanks so much to all those who have pledged. In almost every case there is a burst of activity directly after a Kickstarter campaign opens followed by an inevitable slow-down, and this has happened here. Based on Kickstarter historic trend statistics, however, it looks reasonably good for me to achieve the £5,000 target by the closure date of 20th June.

I still need to raise a minimum of another £1,650, though, so if you haven’t pledged, there is no time like the present…. Remember, money is not deducted from your card until the campaign has closed and then only if the target is reached.  You can pledge here :- .  The Kickstarter process is surprisingly simple and it will only take you a few minutes to complete.

A couple of weeks ago Mark Worrall, the publisher, made a number of extremely helpful comments with regard to format, headings and, particularly, a couple of overly complex tables I had included as Appendices.  I have made the necessary amendments, severely slimmed down the aforementioned tables and this lunchtime sent it back as the final submitted manuscript – a significant project milestone.  The next step, manuscript wise, is that Mark typesets it into final page format (a significant task, given that the book has 141,000 words) so I can produce the index.



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