Just five days left to order a deluxe hardback copy of DD&D!

Thursday 15th June

With £5,440 pledged the deluxe hardback version of ‘Diamonds, Dynamos and Devils‘ which includes an index, 24 photographs and a slip cover, will definitely be produced.  This is obviously something I am very pleased about and I am very grateful to those who have backed the project.  The minimum target of £5,000 was reached a couple of weeks ago and as things stand, we will be ordering c210 books, plus whatever pledges are made before the campaign closes.

Anyone wanting to order a copy of that edition has just five days left to make a pledge.  After 20.00 next Tuesday (20th) no more orders for the hardback can be accepted so if you haven’t yet made a pledge but want a copy, don’t hang around.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter page.  Making a pledge is very simple, only three out of the 183 backers to date have struggled.

Money will be deducted from backers accounts soon after the campaign closes and I will email everybody asking for addresses to post the book and names to be included in the acknowledgements.


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