Pictures from the Legends night with the Doc, Barry Bridges, Bert Murray and Ron Harris

Thanks to everyone who went to the latest Chelsea Legends night at The Duke Of Edinburgh last Sunday.  A packed pub had a great evening, as did the guests, as the photos show.  Thanks to landlord, and die-hard Blue, Nick Tilt for another for another top Chelsea Legends event.

The Doc, who was on great form, told me on the way back to his hotel how much he enjoyed meeting his old players and all the Chelsea supporters, how the memories came flooding back, how welcoming everyone at the DofE was and how much he loves Chelsea Football Club.

Talking to Barry Bridges and Bert Murray afterwards it is clear they thoroughly enjoyed themselves too on their Ascot Legends debuts, reminiscing about their time at the club in such an honest and entertaining way.  I thought Ron Harris sparked off the other three really well, with a different set of stories to tell than when I had seen him in the past. Given Bert and Barry left the club in 1966, and The Doc a year later, their memories were astonishingly sharp.

From my point of view I sold almost all the paperback copies of ‘Diamonds, Dynamos and Devils‘ I took along, thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with Tommy and Mary and had a great evening all round.  A reminder that the paperback and e-book are also available on Amazon, and can be ordered here .

The hardback content and cover have been given final sign-off this week so our firm target of dispatch to backers in good time for Christmas still stands.

These pictures have been lifted off Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp, and I will be sending a set to Tommy.  They were mostly posted by Debs Coady, Chris Mears, Christine Matthews, Mark Worrall, Rodney George, Nick Tilt, Graham Ellis and Hugh Momber.  Thanks to them.



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